artwork by Angela Marie Del Rosario

Lead singer and guitarist of a rock band, a badass, yet very loving and affectionate.  She is "The Godess of Love" afterall.  When she is not having fun with her many friends or making music, she is working to make the world a better place with her political group.

"I love me, and that hasn't been don't take my kindness for weakness, recognize the strength in my positivity"


Strong, determined and independent, Alexander, "The Defender of Man" stands up for what he believes in, and puts his family first.  A talented drummer, he has a passion for metal and motorcyles, and works as a mechanic.  So why is he so angry all the time?

​"Don't tell me that I am wrong for holding on to tradition.  I respect it, I'll protect it - so i'll make it my business."


An edgy, ambitious intellectual who is focused on becoming a successful academic.  Permanent tattoos are a contrast to Aurora's many travels around the world, always researching, as well as searching - for something more.

"The Kinsey scale is a way to categorize people - assuming everyone wants to bone everyone."


A fitness trainer, Ash cares a lot about the body and staying fit, and has a gentle demeanor and humble spirit...yet Ash is a very loyal and protective friend, and accepts anyone for who they really are.

"Every time I look in the mirror, I hate what I see, I dont know who's staring back at me, but I know that it's not me."


Abigail's path to becoming a successful doctor and mother was not typical or easy.  Through all of her hardships and successes, she has become distant and tough, but just below the surface is a passionate, free-spirited woman.

"For years I was all alone, I was so hurt...but something in me changed, and I was determined to make it"


Andrew is a sweet and caring person, but his fear of social situations has led him to choose a career in IT, and it has also prevented him from making friends.  So he found another way to express himself and meet people - as long as he is at home.  Will someone be able to bring him out of his shell?

"All this judgement makes me want to hide...nobody believes me anyway, they keep telling me to pick a side"